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ArtHouses - August 2015/2016/2017 - Cullercoats Studios, Tyne & Wear
June 2015: Horses - Bob Lawson - Solo Arts, Holmside, Sunderland UK
Sept 2014: Dirty Pretty Things. Group Exhibition. Cullercoats Studios, Tyne and Wear UK


October 2017 Artist Talk - Joya AiR, Velez R. Andalusia Spain April 2015 - The Caravan Gallery's Creative Communion - Pride of Place Project Hub, Sunderland UK
March 2015 - Articulate Project Space - Sydney, Australia


Royal Society of Sculptors                                                                                                                                                                                         Member of This Stuff Matters  - Four Contemporary Sculptors, Alexandra Harley, Gillian Brent, Sheila Vollmer, and Jill Gibson -


November 2019 - Scottish Sculpture workshop - Large Hand Building                                                                                                        November 2017 - Joya Artist Residency, Anadalucia, Spain
March 2015 - Articulate Project Space, Sydney, Australia
April 2014 - Scottish Sculpture Workshop - Bronze Casting


Ephemer Eye - On-ilne zine:

Stitched Time Zine 2014 - Published by Clare Smith - Funded by Arts Council England

Private Collections

Mr K.J.C Duffy
Dr A Bingham, Chicago, Illinois USA


Visiting Lecturer - New College, Durham


University of Sunderland - 2013 - MA Fine Art - Distinction
University of Sunderland - 2006 - PGCE
Bristol Business School - 1988 - 1989 - Postgraduate Marketing Management
Glasgow School of Art = 1985 - BA Hons (1st)- Textiles
Sheffield Hallam University - 1980 - Foundation Art
Experienced teacher/lecturer of Art in Lifelong Learning



Cullercoats Studios:45 John Street, Cullercoats, Tyne and Wear NE30 4PJ



July 2020 - Royal Society of Sculptors Summer Show, Dora House, London UK

March 2020 -Ephemereye - Moving Image in Focus on-line Curated by Veronica Shimanovskaya 

March 2020 - Camaradas Exhibition, Mexican Embassy, Menier Gallery, London, UK Joint installation project featuring Marisa Polin and Jill Gibson 

January 2020 - Opening Matters, Unit 3 Project Space, East London E3 ELT - Group discussion and group curation with Alexandra Harley, Sheila Vollmer and Gillian Brent


November 2019 - London Group Show, Cello Factory, Bermondsey, London   Curated by Bill Watson                November 2019 - Amsterdam  - Bermondsey, London, SE1 4QG UK  - Group Show curated by Mario V. Sanchez and Vanya Balogh. Featured Artists, Marge Abela, Jill Gibson, Robin Denny, Mark Woods, Cedric Christy, Rebecca Scott, Julia Maddison, Ansel Cizic October 2019 - Synergic, Old Biscuit Factory, Bermondsey, London SE16 UK                                                                                                       May 2019 - Somerset House - 16th -19th May 2019 - Curated by Gavin Turk 'Portrait of an Egg’
May 2019 - Minuscule Venice - Fondamenta San't Anne, Venice - Curated by Vanya Balogh
May 2019 - Test 123, Unit 3, East London - Curated by John Bunker
Featured Artists: Alexandra Harley, Gillian Brent, Jill Gibson, Sarah Vollinger
April 2019 - Cotswold's Sculpture Park Cotswolds UK
March 2019 - Minuscule - Cross Lane Projects, Kendal, UK
February 2019 - Seventh Chinese Open, Q Parks, Leicester Square, London UK Curated by Rebecca Fiener
January 2019 - Solo Show, Bistro du Park, Tynemouth, UK


October - December 2018 - Cullercoats Group Show, ArtBound, West Yorkshire, Shipley. 
October - Protocol - Frieze Art Fair, Cavendish Square, London, UK - Featured Artists: Cedric Cristy, Gavin, Turk, Nichol Farhi, Nicola Hicks, Jill Gibson, Mark Woods, Rebecca Scott, Ann Grim, Gazillion Artist, Sarah I Mackenzie
June - September 2018 - Cheeseburn Sculpture Park, Stamfordham, Northumberland 
February 2018 - Embracing the Underdog - QPark, Soho, London, UK


October 2017 - The Crash 2017 - QPark, Cavendish Square, London, UK
August 2017- Summer Salon 2017 - Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes Gallery, Hackney, London UK August 2017- ArtHouses 'Fringe' - Cullercoats Studio Gallery, Newcastle UK
August 2017- Stimulus - Menier Galley, London, UK 
July 2017 - Small World- PS. Mirabel, Manchester, UK 
July 2017 - Threads - Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
May 2017 - Outskirts, 901 Avenue C, Suite 101, Denton, Texas 76201
March 2017 - Threads - Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green Road, London E2


August 2016 - Art Houses Fringe - Cullercoats Studio Gallery, Newcastle UK 
August 2016 - 'Bizarre is Always Beautiful' Cupola Gallery, 178 Middlewood Road, Hillsbrough, Sheffield S6 1TD
Featured Artists: Jill Gibson, Melissa Dawson, Diogo Duarte, Sadie Hennessy, Nicki McNaney, Carolyn Corfield, Enzo Marra, Aphra O'Connor
May 2016 - LUBOMIROV / ANGUS-HUGHES Gallery - Sixty - Curated by Anna Bleeker and Alessandra Falbo 
February 2016 - Made To Measure, Lotte Inch Gallery, Bootham, York


October 2015 - Sculpture In The Vineyard - Wollombi Village, Lower Hunter Valley NSW, Australia
October 2015 - IAM Collective: The Brunswick, 82 North Street, Leeds LS2
October 2015 - UTOPIA - Art Licks, Clapham Orangery, London UK
August 2015 - Arthouses: Cullercoats Group Show 2015 - Newcastle
June 2015 - Fit The Slit - Alberoni Beach Venice, Italy
Featured Artists:  Lee Maelzer - Vanya Balogh - Charlie Wheatley - - Vanja Karas - India Roper-Evans William Angus-Hughes - Susana Sanroman - Marisa Polin - Fiona Haines - Toni Gallagher - Sian Kate-Mooney - Hedley Roberts - Ruth Davies - Glen Fitzy Fitzpatrick - Rebecca Scott Gzillion Artist - Mark Woods - Cedric Christie - Jill Gibson 
May 2015 - Lines of Communication - Prism @Hoxton Arches
March 2015 - Residency - Articulate Project Space - Sydney, Australia - 2nd- 23rd March 2015
March 2015 -  'Taking Up Space' - Future Feminist Archive - New South Wales, Australia. (in conjunction with CFA) Articulate, 497 Parramatta Road, Sydney NSW.
Featured artists -  Anne Graham, Barbara Halnan, Che Ritz, Georgina Brinkman, Helen M Sturgess,  Jennie Feyen, Jill Gibson, Katya Petetskaya, Sarah Fitzgerald, Susan Buret, Veronica Habib
Jan 2015 - Go Figure: Gallery 2, Altringham, Cheshire
Featured Artists: Anna Tea, Alex McIntyre, Agnieszka Matyjaszek, Daniel Devlin, Elisenda Vila, Jane Fairhurst, Jane Sproston, Jennifer Murray, Jill Gibson, John Merrill
Jan 2015 - Land Changes Project. San Diego, California USA


Dec 2014 - Additions: Butetown History and Arts Centre, Cardiff
Nov 2014 - Stitched Time Exhibition. Limbo, Substation Project Space, Margate, Kent, CT9 1EE
Featured Zine Artists:  Helen Frank, Ruth Geldard, Jill Gibson, Sue Gough, Kate Murdoch, Clare Smith, Susan Tuseler, Frieda van de Poll, Bev Williams, Rachel Wooller
Nov 2014 - Bad Behaviour: Brixton East Gallery, London.
Featured Artists: Stephanie Douet, Philip Elbourne, Gabriela Fabrowska, Jill Gibson, Alexander Glass, Kirsty Harris, Elizabeth Hyatt, Nigel Massey, Jane McAdam Freud, 
Oct 2014 - #ROTH, Grosvenor House, Park Lane, Mayfair, London Featured Artists: Alexis Harding, Bob Lawson, Hedley Roberts, Jill Gibson

Sept 2014 - Dirty Pretty Things: Group Exhibition, Cullercoats Studio Gallery Space, Tyne & Wear UK
Featured Artists: Virginia Bodman, Rebecca Brown, Kimberely Emeny, Jill Gibson, Lee Maelzer, Janina Sabaliauskaite, Holly M Scott, Melissa Tivnen, Tracey Toffield, Juli Watson


Oct 2013 - Group Exhibition, Gallery North Project Space, Newcastle UK Featured Artists: Cate Blatherwick, Cindy Robinson-Begg, Holly M. Scott, Paul Richardson, Bob Lawson, Jill Gibson
Oct 2013 - Cullercoats Studios Group Exhibition, Newcastle UK
Works selected for the 2013 Threadneedle Prize, Mall Galleries. UK
July 2013 - <3 - Group Exhibition. Priestman Gallery, Sunderland
Featured Artists: Anne Wilkins, Marge Ball, Jill Gibson, Patrick Shannon


July 2012 - North East Student Art Prize. Departure Foundation, Tower House, Sunderland


Dec 2011 - Saltburn Artist Project 'Off The Shelf' Group Exhibition
Sept 2011 - SMART Gallery, Group Exhibition, Fabric of the Land, Aberdeen

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